Should teeth be straightened for health reasons?

The correcting of poor dental positioning has the added benefit of improving oral hygiene as crowded or crooked teeth are often hard to clean properly. With such an improvement in a patient’s oral hygiene, the risk of gum disease for example – which can result in loss of teeth in extreme cases – is prevented.

What can be treated with orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatments have evolved enormously over the last 20 years. Now problems such as gaps between the teeth, crowded teeth, overbite (upper teeth covering the majority of the lower ones), open bite (upper and lower teeth almost don’t touch) and cross bites can all be treated.

What age are people who have orthodontic treatment?

We have treated thousands of patients from 8 to 88. There is never a point in life where we cannot move healthy crooked teeth into their ideal position.

What other benefits does teeth straightening offer?

Orthodontic treatment improves chewing efficiency by re-establishing the correct relationship between lower and upper teeth, removing the difficulty a patient may have when chewing certain kinds of food and so providing better nutrition.

In some cases, orthodontics can also prevent complications in the temporomandibular joint (the joint which joins the jaw to the skull). Chronic pain in the head, face, neck or ears, as well as dizziness, nausea and restricted ability to open and close the mouth can originate here.

Why are my teeth not straight?

There are many causes  of overcrowding, gaps and crooked teeth. For some people it can be inherited or possibly acquired, either due to a habit (sucking of the thumb, prolonged use of a dummy) or because of the premature loss of milk teeth or adult teeth.

What does orthodontic treatment cost?

Orthodontics is a complex area of dental treatment and the needs of each patient differ. Depending on the complexity of the case, the type of treatment chosen and the length of time required the cost may vary.

We welcome patients to the practice for FREE consultations for invisalign and incognito braces. Before any treatment commences we will provide you with a full treatment plan detailing the costs and the procedure so you are in full control of your care.

We are happy to accept payments in instalments and we offer 0% finance

Do you have a payment plan?

We pride ourselves on providing the very best care to our patients. Part of this commitment to providing you with the care you need is ensuring that our dentistry is affordable and finances don’t get in the way of you receiving the expert dentistry you require. To ensure this we offer finance options, including 0% finance, on most treatment plans. Please ask your clinician for details.

Is the parking at the practice?

Yes, free parking is accessible in the streets adjacent to the practice.

Do you offer emergency care?

We do not carry out general dentistry, so cannot help with general dental emergencies. If you have an emergency which requires an orthodontist please call the practice on 01733 348670

What is your complaint procedure?

We take any complaints very seriously and will always listen and try and resolve any concerns directly with you. Please feel free to contact the practice manager on 01225 466086.

How do I get more information about dentistry and the profession?

The General Dental Council (GDC) is the organisation which regulates dental professionals in the United Kingdom.  They do this by:

  • registering qualified professionals,
  • setting standards of dental practice and conduct,
  • assuring the quality of dental education,
  • ensuring professionals keep up-to-date,
  • helping patients with complaints about a dentist or dental care professional, and
  • working to strengthen patient protection.

For more information visit their website at www.gdc-uk.org