Peterborough Orthodontic Centre fees

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Our latest fees are published below. 

There are many options for both children's' and adult braces, with a range of aesthetic and functional results for treatment.

Following an initial consultation, we will issue a full treatment plan, clearly detailing all options which may be available, along with the relevant fee. There's no hidden costs or surprises. 

We also offer finance options to help spread the costs of achieving your new straighter smile.

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(exc. x-rays)

New patient clinical opinion£105.00
Emergency appointment new patient£126.00
Emergency appointment existing patient£126.00
Orthodontic consultation£105.00
Orthodontic review£75.00


Large extra-oral x-rays£37.00


Orthodontic records£250.00
Adult fixed simple braces (both arches)£4,200.00
Adult fixed simple braces (single arch)£3,800.00
Adult fixed (both arches)£4,996.00
Adult fixed complex (both arches)£5,996.00
Child fixed simple (both arches)£3,500.00
Child fixed simple (single arch)£3,200.00
Child fixed (both arches)£4,200.00
Child fixed complex (both arches)£4,996.00
Fixed ceramic (single or both arches)£4,200.00
Fixed upper ceramic and lower metal£4,496.00
Adult Invisalign (single or both arches)£4,996.00
Adult Invisalign complex£5,996.00
Child Invisalign£4,996.00
Child Invisalign light£4,200.00
Child Invisalign complex£5,996.00
Debond of fixed brace£500.00
Essix retainer per arch£126.00
Ortho retainer (removable)£84.80
Ortho retainer (fixed single wire)£375.00
Vivera retainer£588.00
teeth whitening (home)£262.00
Teeth whitening Syringe (per syringe)£40.00

Payment options

Spread the cost of your treatment at Peterborough Orthodontist Centre with our finance options. 

Rates start from just 0%.

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